We have been operating in the market for over ten years in the sale and assembly of shelving systems, steel structures, and platforms. Professional and reliable assembly of steel structure shelves with an emphasis on quality and safety. Our experienced teams specialize in the precise installation of industrial shelves, production halls, and warehouses. With thorough measurements and meticulous work, we ensure that your shelf will be stable and fully functional. Rely on our expertise and experience at every step of the assembly process to achieve optimal spatial utilization and efficient storage. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our company has 4 assembly teams consisting of 4-6 people; we are flexible and careful. Each of our teams includes a monteur who speaks either German or English. We are independent and capable of expanding into other areas within the assembly industry. We mainly focus on the Czech, German, and Austrian markets, but we are also capable of handling assemblies in other countries.

We specialize in assembly and work in refrigeration units up to -40 degrees Celsius

Furthermore, we specialize in excavation, earthworks, construction, and container transport, where we have our own machinery for terrain adjustment in the Ústí nad Labem Region. Within our ranks, we offer container carriers, tractor excavators, and 2.7-ton tracked excavators. We also offer apartment and building renovations.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us; price quotes and options are free.

​Service Offer

​Specialized Skills or Expertise

Installation of racks and steel structures

Locksmith and welding works

​Container transport and transport of vehicles

Construction, ground and excavation work

Reconstruction of apartments and buildings

Demolition and demolition work



​​Venuše Moulisová
FEBA mont
J. Wolkera 399
434 01 Most

​​Michal Moulis
+420 775 454 565

​​Sparkasse Dresden
Bank number: 221072241/850503

IBAN: DE69850503000221072241


​Your inquiries and cooperation offer.

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